You are beautiful 

You are beautiful because you woke up this morning and made it through the trials of yesterday! You looked in the mirror and you saw beauty far deeper then your reflection. 

You are amazing 

You are amazing because you are in control of your attitude. You make the best of situations and you bring out the best in other people. You enjoy making other people smile. 

You are joy

The joy people feel when you walk in the room is indescribable. Your actions are contagious. You’re paths and the words you speak make a difference.

You are watched

People watch you because you make it seem like everything is okay even when it is not. You know how to not let small or large things ruin you. You make the best of it and move on.

You are supported

Your support system is so deep and you don’t even know it. Some people love you so much and want the best for you. They pray for you and that’s what keeps you going!

You are blessed

Even when you are deep down in the mud and everything is going wrong. You are just close to your break through in which you already know because you’ve been through it many times. You are just patient and letting the storm run its course. 

You are power

You are powerful. You never let anyone control your emotions. You have the power to change your mood and the mood of others. You follow your dreams no matter what. 

You are who you are

You don’t let the actions of others deter you from greatness. People want to change you for the worst but you continue to stay strong. You strive to make positive changes and you accepting to them.

You are love

Someone loves you and you love them back. You live your life out of love and no one can change that 

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