I am an inspiring stylist, and this Christmas I decided I would give gifts according to the styles of the individuals on my gift list. It was so much fun because it was my first time buying the clothes I bought according to personal style.

All of these styles were gifted 😍

Long cardigans are in. These are my favorite because they can easily be thrown over any shirt and instantly dress up your look. This is such a comfy style that will keep you simply warm.

This red puncho is very light weight and it allows for a breezy look. I love how it drapes over the shoulders and leaves your arms free.

This is another long cardigan but this sweater was a bit heavier and warmer. It doesn’t button but it can be layered over many different color blouses.

I love the preppy look this cardigan gives. It can be dressed over a simple colored t-shirt or button up. The weight is a bit heavy. It can be buttoned or left open.

This style is a sweat shirt style sweater. It is a light weight sweater that can be warn as a shirt. The stripes gives it an edgy look.

This petite dress reminded me of a work or church dress. Since it is sleeveless it can be dressed under a sweater. It can be dressed under a long or short cardigan.

What’s life with out pajamas. A lot of us get use to wearing old t-shirts to bed but I believe it is important to go to bed looking and feeling good. These simple t-shirt gowns are comfy and stylish.
All of these items were purchased at Forever 21. I kept it simple and cheap because of my budgets but all of these items are must haves for your closet. They are versatile and can be matched with many different colors.

The best part was everyone loved what I gave them. It was great practice!


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