Some days when I’m really stressed I find myself worrying. I worry about the smallest things that I can’t control. I start moping around and laying around and I find myself not accomplishing anything. Days like this I get upset with myself because I know better.

 I know the power of prayer. 

I know giving all my worries to God. 

I know that I can’t control everything and life is going to move in the way that it’s supposed too. 

But I still worry. My mood changes I can’t think straight my whole body is engulfed in worry. It’s even hard to convince myself that things will get better. 

When life gives me days like this. I have learned I have to immerse myself in something I love. I have to spend time with myself doing something I am really interested in to distract me as much as I can from the worry around me. It’s easy to say to just leave your worries behind but it is a serious struggle to do. 

What I mean by immersing myself in things that I love I mean, working on my blog, going shopping for clothes, studying fashion trends, cooking, or playing dress up in my closet. 

The one that works the best is playing dress up. It always works. If you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good your worries are much easier to push away. Looking good gives you a confidence that you can push through any struggle that comes your way. 

Playing dress up

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