Spring break is the best break because it falls close to the end of the school year. This is the time of the year where breaks for teachers are needed the most!

I always plan a trip for spring break. The year before last was North Carolina, last year my sister came to visit Maryland, and this year was New York City!

My coworker Lydia is from The Bronx and she planned to go home for spring break to New York. I told her I’ve never been and she invited me to come with her, from there my spring break was planned.

I have always wanted to visit New York City since I was younger. All I’ve ever known was the things I learned from the movies. I just thought it would be great to experience it in real life.

Lydia and I decided to take a road trip to New York. Our trip was 4 hours.

Throughout the trip I captured our fun times!


Da​​y 1: Monday

We made it to New York City around 9:00pm. We ate at Fish N Tings in the Bronx. This place was great! I really enjoyed the snapper with cabbage and salad. They also made sure I had fresh oil so that there was no gluten contamination. Afterwards we headed out for a night on the town.

Day 2:

We took a trip to City island and ate at Johnny’s. This was a sea food restaurant off the waterthat offered many different fried and steamed options. I had steamed shrimp and French fries.

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We visited some of Lydia’s family and friends then we headed to Taco Tuesday’s.

After Taco Tuesday’s we went to karaoke. I sang a few songs.

Tuesday was very eventful because after karaoke ended we took a road trip to Brooklyn to an after hour spot.


Could you tell I was tired? πŸ˜…

Wednesday: By Wednesday sleep was necessary haha. We took a visit to the park with Lydia’s siblings. The park was just how I imagined it, basketball courts, people, New York talk and busy streets.

Afterwards, we visited “Fish N Tings,” again which became my favorite restaurant! I’ll be dreaming about Snapper until I’ve had it the way they make it.

Thursday: We woke up early and headed to Manhattan. My one request was to see the New World Trade Center. This place carries so much history for New York and I really wanted to experience it.

First we visited Katz Deli. Katz Deli is well known for its amazing corn beef.

We waited in line.

After Katz we ventured around the city. As we road I tried to catch all the filters for snap chat! Haha
We finally reached the One World Trade Center!

Unforgettable moment. I’m glad I was able to experience it.

We went sight seeing and afterward joined some friends for karaoke and dinner.

Mango BBQ wings πŸ˜‹

New York was a great Spring Break!  I am so happy I was invited and I can’t wait to get back soon.



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