Yes I am at a point in my life where I’m asking myself why am I still single? How come a relationship seems so far reached? You meet a guy, everything seems great, then he decides he’s not ready for a relationship. #millenialproblems

Everything and everyone around you are booed up, caked up, and your sitting on the out skirts wondering where Prince Charming is?

Mean while I’m finding peace in going to the movies, watching tv with a glass of wine, enjoying conversations with new friends.

I’m wondering what is the right path? Am I on the right path? Who says being married and booed up by 25 is how things are supposed to be? Is it okay for me to still be living and finding myself without the pressure of a relationship and kids?

Why is me being single frowned upon? I want a relationship but I am growing content with it not being the right time.

Let’s talk about settling. Honestly, if we all wanted to be in a relationship to say we are in a relationship, we would all be in one by now. I will not settle for what has been placed in front of me because that seems like all I will get. I can get more, have you seen me? Cocoa cola bottle shape, thicker then a snicker, educated, brown teacher with a banging personality 😂. Am I scaring them?

Excuse me I am a queen. These chumps I’ve come across don’t recognize a true queen. If you think I am like the rest you are mistaken. I deserve the world and forget the rest!

Trust me the day I start claiming him, he will be worth claiming. Love will not be easy but it won’t be as hard as they are making it seem.

You see, I am special. I don’t need anyone to tell me I am special. I don’t need anyone to tell me my worth. My truth is within. Trust and believe my happiness is most important.

I am single for a reason!


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