I love fashion. I am a self proclaimed fashionista, naturalista, and stylist. Since high school I have been interested in fashion but I didn’t pursue it in college. I choose nursing which didn’t work out, and ended up in teaching which found me. (Long story) Back to fashion. My personality shines through my clothes.

Taken at my high school graduation from Cass Technical High School in Detroit.

I used to care about people talking about me and judging what I thought to be fashion. Little did I know, confidence out ways any nay sayers. I wish I knew back then what I know now. I am amazing at mixing, matching, and rocking what I want to wear!

Taken in Lincoln Park Chicago 2015I would describe my style as vintage. Thrifting is a hobby of mine. My closet is full of oversized sweaters, specifically kimono’s. My favorite season is Fall which is why my closet is full of sweaters and boots. Just because my closet is full doesn’t mean I spend a lot. I am a bargain shopper. Anything I wear or buy is usually bought on sale or at an amazing price. I believe the lower the price the more items I can purchase.
Look forward to post on cheap finds, hair, and style tips! Cheers to an amazing blog!

I am still working on my poses haha!!!

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