Just let me live my life. If I told you everything I would no longer be mysterious, unique, better yet Me. 

I’m not rude or I never intend to be rude. I enjoy people. I learned the hard way that every he/she that comes along is not my friend. 

Don’t be surprised if I only give you minimal information about me. It’s just I don’t know you. 

My goals and aspirations are for me. 

My personal and love life is for me. 

My love is for me and those who I choose to open up too. 

Living life uncomplicated. Spreading my passions and branching out of my comfort zone. 

Choosing to let a few in. Learning from those individuals and growing with them. 

So many setbacks around me. Just trying to let the inspiration flow.

I promise  I’m on guard about many things. And letting loose of worries is a struggle.

One day at a time watching my blessings flow. 

Where in the world will I go? 

Who knows? 

But living my life is something I will always choose. 

My attitude lately has been doing what I want, always. 

That’s what I should have been doing along time ago but it feels good to finally be free. 

Let me live my life how I choose to be. 


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