Today I was taking out the trash. I had a few boxes and my normal trash bag in my hands. Of course I wanted to be Wonder Woman and carry two boxes and the trash bag at the same time. I get to the dumpster and it’s time to throw everything away. I start with my first box, then my second box, and finally my trash bag. As I am throwing my bag onto the big green dumpster my keys decide to fly with the bag into the big green dumpster😭. My heart stopped I looked around and saw who was looking. At that point I didn’t even care who was looking. I looked in and saw my keys sitting at the top 😓. I looked around the dumpster to see if it had a side window. Of course this trash can didn’t have one. So with all my might I lifted myself up to side of the trash can and jumped in. The smell was repulsive. I stepped over my neighbors trash and grabbed my keys. I picked it up quick and was ready to jump out when I saw it was only my hands sanitizer. I turned back around and saw the rest of my keys still laying there. What felt like forever was only a 1 minute dip in the dumpster. Once I retrieved the rest of my keys chain. I jumped quickly out the dumpster. Of course I saw someone sitting in their car watching me👀😫. 

I took my walk of shame back to my apartment. As I walked I kept my head held high. All I could do by then was laugh because I really just jumped in the dumpster.

2 thoughts on “I Jumped in the dumpster….Here’s my story!

  1. Lol! I just pictured all of this and cried laughing, including you walking away with your head held high!! 👏👏👏 I know you did!! I don’t know which story is better, this one or the one when locked yourself outside your apartment on your balcony and had to wait for kids to leave to jumped down. 😂😂 You and your adventures. Keep them coming!! 💕

    1. Thanks Sis! Girl these adventures are something else. lol I was so embarrassed for both stories but I’m glad I shared this one. Girl it’s hard out here for a pimp lmboo.

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