If you really take a look at my life and the predicament I am in with my classroom dynamic and all my other responsibilities that come along with it. I should absolutely be stressed. 

There is so much I go through on a daily that I could let bring me down. Deadlines, reports, lessons, meetings, parents, students, grades, complaints, referrals, observations, bills and repeat. 

Most people believe because you live a happy life you are hiding something. Your happiness is covering up something else you are dealing with that you are trying to hide

In my case, this is not the case. I’ve drawn away from negativity. 

I learned at a young age worrying is something I shouldn’t do. Easier said then done.  Until this day, as much as my Dad told me to stop worrying, it is something I have a very hard time to do. 

I will say it has gotten a lot better. 

The first thing I do to stay stress free is to talk to someone who will listen to the situation I am dealing with. It’s usually someone in my family. They usually tell me to stop tripping. “I got it.” Or usually a phrase in profanity that makes us all laugh. “F that B.”

But for the most part, they help me through the issue and by the time I’m in bed that night, I let the situation work itself out. This was not an easy strategy that I automatically been able to do. Many years I found it hard to let these situations go at night because I would wake you and still worry. It takes time but the faster you realize to leave problems and your worries behind it makes everything fall into place. 

I have learned to stop initiating things and taking things into my own hands. When it takes me too long to find something I’m looking for or something I need to get done immediately that it’s taking forever for me to accomplish, I just stop. 

For instance, if it takes  me 10 mins to look for a graphic organizer I think I would need for a writing lesson and the bell is getting ready to ring for my students and I still haven’t found it. I just stop. If I waste that much time looking for it and I still haven’t found it, it wasn’t meant to be. I realized when I do stuff like that, I am just making myself crazy. It’s not meant to be. Then I realize how much time I just wasted. By the time the writing block came I never needed it in the first place because  we didn’t even get to that part. 

I had to stop panicking. If it’s meant to be it will be. Otherwise make something up. 

On a daily I go through things in my classroom. I teach in an urban school with a very diverse population and I get the best and worst behaviors. People love to put me in a bubble and think I teach the typical good kids. No honey, sweet Ms. Hayman deals with all types of behavior.

 I like to think I’m pretty successful at it. My approach to most situations is my calm demeanor and a real pep talk. Yelling at them doesn’t work, they instantly tune you out. I take a better approach. Reality talks about , being leaders and followers, making good decisions, speaking up for yourself, thinking smart before acting, believeing in yourself, and motivating yourself. I’m teaching academics and life skills. I am sharing things I have figured out about life thus far with hopes they will make better decisions. I like to tell it like it is but still acknowledge that I love them and want the best for them. 
As much as my job puts me through, I don’t take things to heart. For every bad situation that happens at work, there is always some good to make you forget about the worst. I can walk out at the end of the day absolutely drained and someone may ask me how was my day and I could respond terrible with a smile. I’m smiling because I realize I made it through the day. As hard as it was, I absolutely made it. I’m a hard worker, I wish I would let anyone defeat me because if I can teach I can do anything. 

Sometimes I cry. When the going gets tough  it’s good to let out a good cry. Sometimes I cry and I don’t even know why but once I get it all out I feel better. Do cry for too long because then you’ll get a headache.

I take dance breaks. I turn music on and just dance. I’m not afraid of looking crazy. I believe I’ve embarrassed myself enough to not care anymore about what people have to say about me. Those gossipers made my tough skin. All I have to say is thank you. 

I got serious. I stopped getting distracted. I get focused to continue to find my creativity and focus on short term and long term goals. I am not concerned with what the next persons is up too. Gossip is for the birds. The time spent thinking about other people is time I could be making my own personal growth. I worry about myself and I continue to stay focused. 

Get serious, stay focused cry a little and try to stay stress free

At the end of the day, always reflect upon what you learned from the situation. It will help you realize why you were in it and help you move past it. 

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