I used to be ashamed of my skin color. I hated being outside during the summertime because I knew my skin would become darker. I  didn’t want to be blacker as they would say it.

Growing up not thinking I was pretty because my skin was darker then others. They said dark skin girls weren’t pretty. The many images of women that were beautiful were fair skinned. That wasn’t me. I was just chocolate Kelli.

I dreaded staying outside for too long and coming in the house to look in the mirror to see a face made darker by the sun.

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Who dare create this self hate in me? Who dare scared me as a child to think I was ugly as a chocolate women?

Was it school? Was it peers? Who dare brought about this hate in me?

I would scrub my face with hopes of my skin returning to the original  brown before the sun darkened it. It never worked. It never came off. I was forced to look at my self in the mirror and think I was ugly because someone engrained that in me.

What a sad state to be in. It messes up your confidence and it messes up your focus.

How dare I let someone try to ruin me. Ruin what I perceived to be beauty. It took a while for me to embrace my beauty.

With age and self love my thinking was changed. The ugliness in the most beautiful sparked the flame.

This chocolate skin of mine I have found to love. Sun have your way with my skin however you choose. I don’t care what others think of me. I will embody a sense of beauty. I will exude beauty. I will embrace my beauty. I love my melanin!

Love the skin you are in! ❤️


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