Today I feel great. I feel great because I feel free.

My freedom consist of making better decisions then I did yesterday.

Yesterday, I chose to let my shyness and niceness control decisions.

Being nice is in my nature but today I allowed my attitude and intelligence to rule my path.

My attitude is caused by my pet peeves which are  liars and fakes.

Liars are battles I do not choose to fight anymore.

I fight for thinking smarter and using my spirituality to clear the way.

Spirituality will make life feel so much more at ease.

There is no better ease then letting things fall into place the way they are supposed to.

My current place in life is calm, feeling like I can accomplish anything and lead a path for a great future.

My path has no room for distractions. I can’t avoid distractions but I learn to recognize whats good for me.

Whats good for me is making better decisions as a Queen.

As a Queen I chose to not be a follower, I choose to always follow what comes natural.

What comes natural to me is being me.

I always talk about me but I can’t find anyone better to love.

Loving your own growth and recognizing your own potential will take you very far.

Don’t underestimate your potential when you have no idea what you are capable of.

My capabilities are not always seen by me so I appreciate those around me that give their critiques.




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