I am learning through every experience that has come in my path. 

I’ve dated, I’ve experienced heartache. 

I moved to a new state, I’ve experienced happiness and sadness.

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I’ve been through one of the hardest school years of my life, I made it! 

I’ve taken on so many positive people this year! I’ve prayed for good friends because I’ve always only had a few. I’ve seen such an influx of positive people I can’t complain. I love genuine people that just make you happy even when you are feeling stressed. #blessed

Dating has its ups and downs most times it is difficult to find someone that makes you happy genuinely. Changing your mindset when dating can really change the outlook. I started going into it not expecting to find Mr. Right but taking it as a learning experience to figure out what I like and dislike. I learned so much about myself while dating. I actually started enjoying it even walking away with a lesson learned when it doesn’t work out. I am happily open minded and enjoying the process. No more heartaches!

Moving to Maryland was such a big deal in my life. Growing up I would always say I wanted to live in another state. I love my hometown but I didn’t picture myself in Detroit. When I visited DC a while ago I fell in love. I never expected to actually move here. It’s has been nothing less of a great experience for me being around like minded and successful people keeps me motivated.

This school year 😓. Bruh as my students always say. I can honestly say this has been the hardest mental challenge of my life. The dynamic of this year was absolutely difficult. Most ask how I made it. Jesus, prayer, friendships and keeping my mind on the ultimate goal has been the keys to my motivation. I have no idea what God has in store for me but it has to be great because most people around me seem sure of it. I won’t carry on about how hard of a year it was because I can honestly say I made it. Tough times do not last always. I’ve seen so many blessing in my time I am happy to be patient and wait on his timing 👆🏾. 

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2 thoughts on “Learning through Living 🔑 

  1. I can truly relate to this. Moving to a new state, new marriage, and teaching for my first year. It was a challenge, but yes we made it through and will continue to make it through. Your attitude is perfect for the battles and you have influenced others. There is an old Motown Song that fits for us “Keep on Trucking Baby!” 😊 We got this, with God by our side and our new positive friends we are going to get through these storms. Don’t worry I will always have an extra umbrella for you sis! 😉

    1. This song fits perfectly 😊. We definitely will make it through. I’m so happy to have you by my side. We have so much more to accomplish. ❤️❤️❤️

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