When I walked into my classroom after a nice summer break, this is what I walked into…

In the perfect world I would walk into a classroom with the tables still where I left them and the wall decor still in tact. But in reality, everything has to be taken out of the classroom in order for the floors to be waxed during the summer. That means all the lovely bulletin boards, designated center areas, tables,and chairs are to be disassembled.

This is what teachers really have to do. We don’t just prepare lessons for students each day. We come in during the summer time and work.

We start by figuring out exactly what we want our classrooms to look like. This is something I had to think about over the summer. I really wanted to do a jungle theme.  Before you lift one finger to move furniture you have to have a vision or you will be moving furniture all week.

The first day in my room I spent figuring out where I wanted everything. I had to take in consideration what I will be teaching and how accessible my room needs to be.

I ended up moving everything on the second day because I was not happy.

The second day I cleaned and unpacked all the boxes I packed up at the end of the school year.

My old room

We technically only get paid one full day to set up our rooms. When I’m naming days this means after a day of meetings, I spent my nights in my classroom. Sometimes I felt like I hadnt completed anything, especially when I left my room at around 7pm and it still looked like this👀.

The third day, I continued to unpack and put books and my leveled library together. I also begin to finally decorate. I ordered decorations off of amazon! Once everything was in place and I felt like I wasn’t going to move furniture anymore I finally decorated.

The first tree i made.

I made this tree! I loved it! So I made more.

At the end of day three my room still looked like this 😓.

On Day 4, I went to my meetings then worked in my room. I was finally getting somewhere.

I completed all of my bulletin boards, I hung the puff balls I made, and I completed all my trees.

Day 5 was Friday. On Friday, the building was technically closed but I was on a mission to be ready on Monday.

I hid all the stuff I didn’t want my students to see. I put name tags on the desk. I set up my calendar. I planned lessons with my 5th grade team. We all came in on our off day.

On Monday, my students came in bright eyed and excited to learn. Hard work truly pays off. I’m happy I put in time to make sure my classroom was a happy place for my students.


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