Being a teacher is hard! 😅 Day after day we come to work to accomplish goals with hopes of teaching something meaningful to each student. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.
What makes us amazing is understanding, we will not always be successful.
Not all the time, will we have a great day. Not all the time, will the students understand our lessons. And not all the time, will you have time.
Our flaws and challenges are what builds our thick skin and that’s what helps us build model citizens. As our school year comes to an end, and summer the best time of the year begins, we can take a deep breathe and say, “WE MADE IT.”
This year has been nothing short of challenging. “I work, work, work, work, work,” as Rihanna would say. It never ends but I can’t complain. I can’t find any reason to complain after finishing out such an impressive school year. Of course there are mini fires, loops, and obstacles in the profession but I got through them. I made it! That memory of seeing student grasp a concept they were confused about or a student realizing they love a subject that they never understood before is what makes my job worth it.
My students this year were awesome. They mean so much to me. I have seen 23 individuals grow up right before my eyes. In October, my students put together a surprise birthday party for me. They knew that I just moved to Maryland and I didn’t know too many people. In knowing that, in order to make my day special they decorated my room, brought in many treats and we danced until the end of the day. I will remember that for the rest of my life.
I smile thinking about how they have affected my life. I smile thinking about the goodbyes and there faces I shall miss seeing everyday. I know next year I will have a new bunch of fresh minds but it cannot go unnoticed how special this years group was too me. I know each and everyone of them will be great next year! I know I will be great next year!

​To my 5th graders,

​You all have shined in your own ways. So many different personalities that I will miss. Thank you for making my year at Brock Bridge amazing. Thank you for the morning stories and letting me challenge you in math, especially.

My expectations for you, are to never settle for less than greatness. You all have the potential to run the world. Never give up. Don’t let minor setbacks throw you off your game. Remember who you all are as individuals. Love yourselves and remember I support you no matter what.
Love Ms. Hayman

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